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Google is testing flashy new setup screens for new Chrome users

Chrome welcome screen
Image credit: Google (Image credit: Google)

Google is testing new welcome screens for Chrome, with a friendlier look and brighter design to greet new users.

The new design replaces the mostly white screen that currently welcomes users to their freshly-installed browser. There seems to be a limited test group at the moment, but we were able to trigger it when installing Chrome in a new PC.

The new look might be the start of a more 'fun' overall aesthetic for Chrome, with larger buttons that are easier to read and more amenable to touchscreens.

Shiny and Chrome

The new welcome screen encourages you to 'Make Chrome your own' and personalize your browser by selecting a set of bookmarks to get started. Whereas the old design prompted you to sign in with a Google account, the new version doesn't assume you have one, and lets you start customizing the browser without logging in.

It will be interesting to see whether this is the first step towards a more flexible, customizable Chrome that has more in common with Vivaldi, which is also based on Chromium.