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AirDrives headphones coming to UK

AirDrives don't plug the auditory canal enabling wearers to remain aware of their surroundings

Audiovisual accessory maker Mad Catz Interactive has announced that it will be bringing its AirDrives “open architecture” headphones to the UK.

The big USP with AirDrives is that they’re designed with safety in mind. Unlike conventional in-ear phones, AirDrives don’t plug the auditory canal, which not only helps to avoid hearing damage, but also allows the wearer to "remain fully aware of their surroundings".

Quality control

To us, that last bit kind of suggests that AirDrives don’t cancel external noise out, which could lead to a compromise in audio quality. Mad Catz, however, remains adamant that sound quality remains “premium”. We’d probably have to hear it ourselves while walking down a busy street to fully believe it though.

Available in three variants – Adult, Kids, and iPhone – AirDrives will be available in the UK from the beginning of April, priced from £40 to £60.