Zotac’s GTX 1070 Mini packs a ton of power into a compact card

Want to cram a powerful graphics card into your compact PC case? Well, Zotac is the latest vendor to bring out a GeForce GTX 1070 Mini video card which is designed to fit into a Mini-ITX case.

The card is 210mm long (just over 8-inches) and the core specs include a base clock of 1518MHz (with boost to 1708MHz), with the standard 8GB of GDDR5 video memory (and 1920 CUDA cores).

Power consumption is 150W with an 8-pin power connector and the recommended power supply is a 500W PSU or better.

Compact and cool

To keep things cool, the video card has a pair of 90mm fans along with some chunky copper heatpipes. In terms of connectivity you get three DisplayPorts (1.4), an HDMI 2.0b port, and a DL-DVI connector.

The new GTX 1070 Mini is on sale now, retailing for just under the £400 mark in the UK, and over in the US it has launched with a price of $395 (around AU$550).

This card follows in the footsteps of Gigabyte’s GTX 1070 Mini ITX OC, which came out in July and is actually an even smaller board being 170mm in length, plus it can be cranked up to a clock speed of 1746MHz in its OC (overclocked) mode.

Via: Anandtech

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