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Year in Review: Cool Gadgets of 2020, and they aren't smartphones

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As a tumultuous year draws to a close, we remember some gadgets that brought a smile to our faces at a time when the world came to a virus-induced standstill. Such was the impact of Covid-19 on our lives, that purchasing of electronics was last on our minds as we battled a lockdown, failing businesses and depression. 

However, there were some innovations that hit the shelves during the past twelve months that brought some positive vibes. And, our team at TechRadar India thought it best to focus on these highs as the last few days of 2020 draw to a close. We have a list of the best gadgets of 2020 for you. 

Since the team has already provided you with several guides to help you choose the right smartphone that fits your lifestyle and wallet, the team thought we would keep away from these devices for this particular list. So, here goes... 

Best Gadgets of 2020

Logitech MX Master 3

(Image credit: Logitech)

Logitech MX Master 3

Work from home has been the buzz word this year. No matter if your offices are closed or are partially operational forcing you to continue to work remotely, Logitech’s new MX Master 3 wireless mouse is possibly the best work desk accessory that can help you get your work done with ease.

Features like ergonomic grip, Ultrafast mag speed scrolling, transferring data wirelessly between connected computers, support for a different operating system like Linux, Windows, iOS, Android, macOS etc. are numerous features apart from 72 days battery backup that makes the MX Master 3 a must-have one for your desk.

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Asus Zephyrus G14

Rog Zephyrus 14

(Image credit: Asus)

Hands down the most compact, elegant, powerful and stylish gaming laptop that came out this year. Not only does it have a gorgeous display that supports high refresh rate and has all the internals that can make most games feel like a breeze but then the micro-LED lights on the lid can make people go wow if you’re out gaming in a coffee shop or at the airport, especially when it is safer to step out.

While it is one of the best and lightest gaming laptops that we’ve seen this year, it has a magnesium alloy that offers it all the strength yet keeping the weight in check. The Zephyrus G14 is one of those brilliant students in the class that is not only the captain of most sports teams in the school but is a topper in studies too.

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MY UV one sanitizer

(Image credit: MY)

MY UV Pocket Sanitizer

Who would have thought that apart from keeping ourselves safe and healthy, our gadgets too would need to be kept clean and infection-free? 

A UV disinfectant not only helps you ensure that your car door, steering, door knobs do not become a carrier of harmful viruses and bacteria but also keeps your gadgets like phones, smartwatches etc safe from water-mixed sanitizers that may spell doom for them.

This made-in-India gadget is highly portable and can kill all known bacteria and viruses within a matter of minutes. It comes with an in-built 300 mAh battery with a USB Type C charging port and a tilt sensor that prevents unintended UV ray exposure to human skin.

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Sony WH-1000XM4

(Image credit: Sony)

Sony WH-1000XM4 headphones

These headphones need no introduction. Termed one of the best ANC headphones, there is a lot to like in them  apart from that mouthful of a name. These headphones are light in weight with up to 30 hours of battery backup, exceptional audio quality, highly portable, and class-leading ANC makes them an obvious choice for anyone.

Currently, the headphones are available on a Rs. 5,000 discount, in case you’re still in two minds about choosing any other headphone over this gadget.

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Eufy Robovac G10

(Image credit: Anker)

Eufy Robovac G10

Another gadget that is extremely smart and handy. It can clean the house even when you’re not at home and if required, it will go charge itself automatically. An extremely handy product for people who are allergic to pet hair or dust as all you need to do is to set the cleaning time and area and the cleaner automatically gets the job done at the time specified by you.

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Hisense 55A71F

(Image credit: Jitendra Soni)

Hisense 55-inch Android TV

If you’re planning to add smart stuff to your home, how about adding some smart tech to your drawing room by getting a smart TV for your home. Hisense introduced its new Android-powered smart TVs in India this year and in our review, we found them a perfect value for money product. While the prices of the TVs have since gone up due to various factors, a 55-inch 4K UHD TV from the company is still worth the price.

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Zebronics Juke bar 9700 Dolby Atmos 450 W

If you’re looking for a budget soundbar for your TV, we have the Zebronics Juke bar 9700 that not only fits into the budget but also comes with Dolby Atmos support. Though it is primarily a wired soundbar and comes with an ample amount of connectivity options, it does support wireless audio streaming through Bluetooth- that however, is best for a random listening session using your smartphone.

While the audio quality is not at par with the top-end soundbars and is slightly bass-heavy, you can still consider it in case you’re looking for a decent performer under a strict budget.

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Google Nest Audio

(Image credit: Truls Steinung)

Google Nest Audio

Google’s smart home speakers got better this year and the Nest Audio is bigger and better. Coupled with Google Assistant’s smart features and the ability to hear you from the far corners of the room, the Nest Audio speakers follow your commands with effortless ease.

While the audio quality may not be the best when compared to the products of home audio brands, it’s the smart features that make the Nest Audio stand out of the crowd.

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Mi watch revolve

(Image credit: Xiaomi)

Mi Watch Revolve

The Mi Watch Revolve is one of the trendiest smartwatches that has been introduced in India this year. It sports a circular 1.39-inch AMOLED screen with two crowns for navigating through the menu options. The display is protected by corning Gorilla Glass 3 for added protection. The screen brightness on this little gadget can go up to 450 nits making it perfectly visible during bright sunlight. 

It comes with a 46mm frame and supports interchangeable straps. Other regular features include inbuilt GPS, 5ATM water resistance, 10 sports mode and more

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Realme Buds Air Pro

(Image credit: Srivatsa Ramesh)

Realme Buds Air Pro

One of the most affordable TWS with noise cancellation built-in, the Realme Buds Air Pro are there among the best yet cheap pair of TWS that you can buy in India. Though the design of these earbuds make them look like a replica of Apple's AirPods, however, these are available at a fraction of the price of what AirPods sells for.

Key features include long battery life, decent audio performance and presence of an app to customise audio settings as per your choice.

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TechRadar keeps curating lists of best deals and guides to purchase gadgets. While we have not reviewed all these products, we are using our collective experience and expertise to suggest them as good deals based on our knowledge of the brands and the price tags.

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