Xiaomi’s new transparent OLED is one of the weirdest TVs ever

Xiaomi Mi TV LUX OLED Transparent Edition
(Image credit: Xiaomi)

Xiaomi has its fingers thoroughly in a number of tech pies, and for its tenth anniversary, the Chinese tech giant announced a swathe of new products, including the Mi 10 Ultra flagship smartphone and… a completely transparent TV.

Despite having a pretty considerable novelty factor, the Xiaomi Mi TV LUX OLED Transparent Edition is actually going to be available to consumers in China from August 16, where it'll cost a cool ¥49,999 (roughly $7,200 / £5,500 / AU$10,000).

As its title (and transcendental product video) suggests, you can see through the TV both when it’s turned off and when it’s displaying content, with Xiaomi claiming that the “images seem to be suspended in the air”.

Outside of its star feature, the Transparent Edition of the Mi TV LUX sports a 55-inch OLED panel, 120Hz refresh rate, 93% DCI-P3 color support, and “150000:1 static contrast ratio and an infinite dynamic contrast ratio”.

Of course, all of these specs are only as impressive as the TV's environment allows for – the furniture, walls and other objects you place behind it will no doubt have an impact on its clarity, as will the room's lighting situation.

While there’s no word yet on global availability (and there’s every chance that it won’t leave the Asian market), the fact that a TV with transparent capabilities is at a point where it can be mass-produced is a big step forward for the completely necessary technology.

Harry Domanski
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