Xbox Series X update fixes an annoying controller bug

Xbox Series X controller gaming
(Image credit: Microsoft)

The latest update for Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S consoles is out now, and with it comes a swathe of handy features, but absent from the release notes was a fix for a controller disconnection bug that’s plagued Xbox Series X consoles since launch.

Team Xbox’s Jason Ronald highlighted the fix in a tweet, stating that “many” of the controller disconnect issues reported by users have now been addressed, which might be a relief for players who took to the enormous Microsoft support thread (opens in new tab) to share their controller issues. 

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Microsoft had been aware of the disconnecting controller issues as far back as January, and in a statement to The Verge (opens in new tab), assured that a fix was due “in a future update.” Better late than never, we suppose? 

Back in control

It’s unclear if the Xbox Series X controller disconnect fixes apply to everyone having issues on the console, but if you’re among the unlucky ones who had their new console experience tampered by the bug, it might be worth checking to see if the update has fixed things for you.

The latest Xbox update also introduced Auto HDR and FPS Boost toggles for backwards compatible games, giving players the option to improve image quality or performance for applicable games, adding yet more reasons to return to your old library. 

It’s good to hear that Microsoft finally has something of a solution for the Xbox Series X disconnecting controller issues. With Jason Ronald saying that only “many” controller issues were fixed, we wonder if more fixes will be rolling out in future updates for further tweaks and optimizations.

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