Mother's Day: 12 tech gifts for mom

And she might be amazed when you tell her that it takes full HD 1080p video, even though that's become a standard feature for point-and-shoots. You don't have to tell her that part.

9. Nook HD

Get it at: Barnes & Noble ($149)

Tagline: "The best in reading"

If the Kindle Paperwhite is too light on features for your media-hungry mother, the Nook HD may be the ideal alternative.

Barnes & Noble's Kindle competitor has improved dramatically with the Nook HD, which, with the very recent addition of Google Play store access, has become a desirable little tablet in its own right. The standard Nook HD comes in a handy 7-inch size, while the upgraded Nook HD+ adds an extra two inches and an improved resolution.

Nook HD

Take a break from the hectic world with a good ebook

The best part? Barnes & Noble has got your back with a Mother's Day sale that's knocked $50 off the price of the Nook HD and a full $90 off the price of the plus-sized version.

10. Epson Perfection V500 photo scanner

Get it at: ($149.99)

Tagline: "Extraordinary quality and versatility"

If your mom's a scrapbooker or dedicated family archivist, she may balk at the idea of turning her old-fashioned photos into a sleek digital collection. But with Epson's easy-to-use photo scanners, she won't have any more excuses to remain in the realm of physical photos.

Epson printer

A cheap, convenient way to capture memories forever

The optical resolution of 6,400ppi means that all her photos will make the transition with nary a pixel lost, and she'll be thrilled with the quality once they make it to the other side.

Everything will be preserved for future generations, just like she wants, and she'll be kept busy for a while, too - perfect for newly retired mothers wondering what to do with their time. The Perfection V500 isn't even limited to photos, so it will fulfill all your mother's scanning needs, whatever they may be.

11. ION Pure LP USB conversion turntable

Get it at: ($99.99)

Tagline: "Convert your records in style"

Here's another one for the mom who spends her days reminiscing about the past - not that that's a bad thing.

A vinyl-to-digital converter like ION's Pure LP may seem like a gadget only an audiophile will appreciate, but your mom may very well enjoy combing through her dusty collection of LPs and cataloging them digitally. It's easy to set up and comes with custom software that will guide her through the process.

ION turntable

Just tell her to stop if she starts 'scratching'

Once they're on her computer, she'll be able to transfer them to her smartphone or MP3 player and listen to all her favorite tunes from the days of yore wherever she goes.

For Apple-loving moms there's also ION's iLP digital conversion turntable, which can skip the PC altogether and transfer songs from vinyl directly to an iPhone 5, 4th-gen iPad or iPad mini.

12. Belkin Chef Stand and Stylus

Get it at: ($23.99)

Tagline: "Use your tablet while you cook"

Belkin's Chef Stand and Stylus is a niche gift, for sure, but foodie moms who love to use recipes on their tablets will definitely appreciate the convenience afforded by this gadget.

Belkin chef stand and stlyus

Being in the kitchen doesn't have to be a chore

The Chef Stand will do little more than prop up her tablet, while the stylus, which rests on its own little stand, will allow her to navigate on the device without touching the screen and potentially messing it up with food.

It boasts compatibility with most iPads, including the iPad mini plus the stylus reportedly works with any touchscreen. She could probably even use it with her smartphone if tablets aren't your mother's thing.

And all components, including the magnetic stylus, are hand-washable.

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