Funny or Die's iSteve now online, is the Apple Newton of Steve Jobs biopics

The film version of the 'iPhone 7' you bought in China

Written in three days and filmed in five, Funny or Die's Steve Jobs biopic, iSteve, has just hit the web in its entirety.

At 78 minutes, it's the longest video ever featured on the humour website, although like Apple's Ping, it probably could have used an extra couple of years in development before being released to the general public.

Starring "I'm a Mac" Justin Long in some truly awful makeup as Steve Jobs, and Jorge "Hurley" Garcia as Steve Wozniak, iSteve is reportedly based entirely on Steve Jobs' 10-000 word Wikipedia entry. Which goes to show just how unreliable the online encyclopaedia can be.

Aside from the copious factual errors in the film (which are likely to be deliberate), it also runs a little light on the entertainment factor - much like the Apple iPod Hi-Fi.

On the upside, it's as free as iTunes. The downside? It's as enjoyable to watch as iTunes is to use. Thankfully there are some other Steve Jobs biopics on the way.

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