One More Thing: Apple kills Ping

One More Thing: Apple kills Ping
Farewell Ping, we hardly knew ye. Because you were rubbish

Pong - Ping is going the way of the dodo after being largely ignored by everyone since it launched in 2010. It won't be available after September 30 as services people actually use, like Facebook and Twitter, take its place. [9to5Mac]

BongMicrosoft's Adam Sohn: "We don't have an explicit strategy to go chase the verbiness. We don't have that as a goal — like, we're not spending money [on it]. We've never tried to verb it." Sure. We thinks Bing doth protest too much. [Fast Company]

Streaky - Google, meanwhile, has bigger, bacon-flavoured fish to fry. The search giant has added a Baconometer search function; just enter "bacon number [any actor's name]" into the search bar and it'll tell you how many degrees separate them from Kevin Bacon. Mostly two, as it turns out. [Guardian]

Just looking – Taking research to the absolute limit, two game developers have found themselves arrested in Greece on spying charges. There were cuffed outside a military base in Limnoss where they were "experiencing the island's beautiful surroundings". That and getting detailed map information for its upcoming game Arma III. [BBC]

Colourful – The oldest ever batch of colour footage has been found in Bradford. Dating from 1902, the films have been made by Edward Raymond Turner way back in 1899 and features a rainbow-coloured unicorn prancing around a daisy-satuated meadow. Actually it's just shots of parrots and kids but it is still pretty cool. [BBC]

SimilarApple made a billion dollars out of patents recently and now it is feeling the wrath of many a media outlet that are pointing out that its new iPod nano looks a lot like a Nokia Windows Phone. Oh, and the bubble-look OS, that's remarkably similar to Sony's PS Vita. [BGR and Kotaku]

Sued – The University of California has decided it likes the smell of courtrooms so much it is suing Facebook, Disney and Wal-Mart all at the same time over patents that it believes are being fringed. Well, at least these companies are tiny and it should all be settled in the small claims courts. [The Next Web]

Branded – Virgin Media has decided to give its on-demand movie service a lick of paint and call it by another name. And that name is… Virgin Movies. Yeah, we were surprised it would go that out-there as well.

Suggestible - Wow! This iPhone 5 is amazing! Gosh, it's just so much better than the iPhone 4S, what a piece of junk. They really know what they're doing over at Apple HQ. Can I keep this? I mean, I have a 4S but this is just… wow. [TNW]

Tweeting tits – Some genius came up with the idea of covering a keyboard in bird food so that birds peck out various tweets as they eat. It's all nonsense, of course. But we like it. []

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