Windows 10X could make getting started easier than ever for beginners

Windows 10X
(Image credit: Microsoft)

Windows 10X is shooting for fresh heights in terms of user-friendliness, with a new Learning Hub being one of the stock apps set to debut with the lightweight OS.

Microsoft’s goal to make learning the ropes of the operating system easier than ever is certainly a laudable one, and it’ll be achieved through the aforementioned Learning Hub which is built upon the existing Tips app.

If you’ve never visited the Tips application in Windows 10, it’s a bunch of concise hints and tips that make use of links and occasionally videos to illustrate how to do certain tasks within the operating system.

The Learning Hub will have a revamped layout – which looks much better, and avoids the sparseness of the current Tips app – but will maintain the same core approach of highlighting various topics under which a number of different tips are imparted.

As Windows Latest reports, the main changes will be that more information will be provided in these help topics in the Learning Hub, and there will be more images, animations and videos to help illustrate the points being made. All of which should make Windows 10X much easier to get to grips with initially.

Leaked list

A leaked document provided a list of all the purported default apps which will be present in Windows 10X, and assuming this is correct – and that nothing changes in the meantime – those core applications will be: Edge, Office, Teams, To Do, Photos, Camera, Calculator, Alarms & Clock, Movies & TV, Paint, Music, Notepad, People, Messaging, Media Plan and the Learning Hub.

The other entry you might be unfamiliar with, Media Plan, is where the details of any mobile subscription plan are kept for those with devices that have cellular connectivity.

As well as the Learning Hub, as we’ve already seen, Microsoft also plans to make Windows 10X’s start-up process a nicely streamlined affair, with all traces of digital assistant Cortana having been removed.

Windows 10X could be finished by the end of 2020, so rumor has it, and we might see the first devices running Microsoft’s lightweight OS as soon as spring 2021.

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