WandaVision release date seemingly leaked by Disney Plus

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WandaVision may have a release date of November 27, 2020, if the source code of Disney Plus is anything to go by. As spotted by Murphy's Multiverse, clicking 'inspect' on the WandaVision listing page and searching for 'release' in your browser brings you to that date. We've tried it for ourselves and it works at the time of writing – head here and give it a shot

The offending piece of code says '"releaseDate":"2020-11-27", which seems fairly concrete. No release date had been announced by Disney for WandaVision yet – but it had been confirmed for release during 2020, in the second year of Disney Plus's existence (so, after November 12, 2020, but before January). 

The timing adds up, then. 

This means WandaVision is primed to release at the same time as The Mandalorian season 2's second half – just as many, many year-long subscriptions to Disney Plus are preparing to renew. Clever timing. 

WandaVision features Elizabeth Olsen and Paul Bettany reprising their MCU roles, and living a seemingly idyllic suburban lifestyle before it becomes clear that not everything is as it seems. 

Here's a quick screengrab of the source code on the WandaVision page for posterity:

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WandaVision releases first

WandaVision was supposed to be the second MCU TV show – but it managed to finish filming before The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, which was originally intended to launch in August 2020. Then, the pandemic happened. The Captain America spin-off show is now coming in 2021. 

WandaVision is the only canonical MCU content that'll be released this year, after Black Widow was delayed into 2021 last week. Let's hope it's good. Here's the first trailer, if you missed it: 

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