Let's talk about Presto's first show, which is available now

Let's talk about Presto

The Australian streaming wars have kicked it up a notch this month, with the first tastes of local, original programming making their way down the internet pipes to Aussie eyeballs.

First Stan unleashed its comedy series No Activity last week, and as of today, Presto has made its series Let's Talk About available to Presto subscribers around the country.

The "Up the duff" comedy, starring Matilda Brown and her father, Bryan Brown, about the challenges of pregnancy, features 10 short 3-6 minute episodes covering the different stages of an unplanned pregnancy.

The start of something bigger

Original content is a fresh battleground for the two local streaming upstarts. During an interview with techradar, Presto CEO Shaun James explained its importance:

"We're really focussed on the content offering, whether it's local content or the acquisition of international series, we're looking a long way down the track," he said.

"There's a lot of planning that goes into it and as you'd appreciate you can't decide on friday and publish something on Monday, it's a much longer time period than that. So the content piece is a very important one for our service and it's something that we're very focussed on."

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