Sharp to unveil next generation LCD TVs

Sharp's HD1E series of LCD TVs currently leads its range

Sharp has announced that it will be unveiling its vision for the future of LCD televisions at this year's IFA exhibition in Berlin. The show begins next Thursday, and will be there to report on all the hot news.

As well as displaying a Full HD line-up including the world's largest LCD TV at 108-inches, Sharp plans to unveil three new "next generation televisions". They're designed to incorporate both "exquisite aesthetics and breathtaking size".

These models will apparently all incorporate Full HD technology and a built-in digital tuner. Sharp will also be presenting the new BD-HP20S Aquous Blu-ray player as part of its home entertainment range.

"By 2015, we predict that the average size of an LCD TV in a European home will be 60 inches," said Mike Gabriel, head of marketing and communications for Sharp UK.

IFA set for new TV influx

"We are already seeing a trend towards bigger screen sizes in the trade and we expect this trend to continue into the mainstream market: people are expecting more size for their money. This is why Sharp is looking at a strategy involving LCD screen sizes of 42 inches and above."

We'll be visiting Sharp at the show next week so we'll let you know whether these "next generation televisions" are worth the hype.

The new Sharp line-up includes the new HD1 Aquos series - Sharp's flagship range of top-notch LCD TVs. It also has the XL2 Aquos range of second tier sets, with the X20 Aquos range offering a bit more value.

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