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OLED TV in the UK - for 'just' £3,489

The Sony OLED TV - yours for £3,489
The Sony OLED TV - yours for £3,489

Sony's attempts to bring the world the first OLED TV will soon see an 11-inch set landing on UK shores.

The ground-breaking set is the new OLED XEL-1 TV, which comes in at 3mm at its thinnest point. It might be a delightful piece of kit, but it's set to cost $5,000, or £3,489 to us UK-dwellers.

And UK users might be a little bit aggrieved when they see that price, especially as US users have been able to buy the set for just a shade over £1,200 since August 2008.

The very same TV is also available for $2,500 on Sony's US website - half the price it's hoping to push onto customers over here.

Hands up for a tiny TV

But that hasn't stopped Sony announcing that it has received 'hundreds' of pre-orders for the 1,000,000:1 contrast-ratioed TVs, which are set to debut in Sony stores later this week.

If you're more of a mainstream consumer fiend, then you'll have to wait until March for it to hit the likes of and other high-street brands.

We imagine it would be cheaper to head on over to the US, spend a couple of nights in a fairly nice hotel and then pop on down to the local electronics retailer. You'd get a holiday that way, too.

TechRadar has put a call in to Sony to explain the massive price difference, so we'll update you as soon as it comes up with a reason.