Toshiba's 2020 TV line-up will include Alexa and Android TV

Toshiba 2020 TV line-up
Image Credit: Toshiba (Image credit: Toshiba)

Toshiba has unveiled its new range of TVs for 2020 at the IFA 2019 tech expo, and it's all about your smart home – with Alexa, Google Assistant and Android TV built right into the new models.

The tech company has already launched four new sets in recent months, including the budget 4K Toshiba UL5A. But the new 2020 series is all about smarts and building a connected home entertainment experience. 

The 2020 Toshiba TV now also works with Google Assistant. This means you can control your TV with any Google Assistant-enabled device. You can turn it on or off, change channels, adjust volume and lots of other other commands by just shouting "Hey Google!".

Toshiba 2020 TV line-up

The 2020 Toshiba Connect TV with Alexa. Image Credit: Toshiba (Image credit: Toshiba)

The 2020 Toshiba Connect TV has Alexa built-in. A far field microphone integrated into the bezel (rather than a separate microphone from the Toshiba 2019 range) allows for hands-free voice control wherever you are in your room. As you'd expect, you can ask Alexa to change channels, open apps and everything else you can think of.

Finally, the new Toshiba Android TV will be one of the first to run on Android Pie. This will bring a customizable interface and connectivity to apps through your Android smartphone. It also has Chromecast built-in, which means you can cast TV shows, movies and anything else from Android or iOS devices to your TV. This model also has Google Assistant integration too, meaning you can use your voice to control smart home devices, access apps and more.

Toshiba 2020 TV line-up

The 2020 Toshiba Connect TV with Alexa. Image Credit: Toshiba (Image credit: Toshiba)

TRU Picture Engine

Of course it's not just about smart home integration. Toshiba promises the 2020 range will still offer up a great viewing experience thanks to the brand's TRU Picture Engine, which is a picture quality chipset for best-in-class image quality. It combines a trio of image processing technologies, as well as Full HD and HD Ready content and 4K video.

Toshiba also continues its partnership with Dolby Audio, bringing its sound offering through Dolby Atmos for a more clear and immersive listening experience.

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