The Sonos Move is getting a top Sonos Roam feature

sonos move
(Image credit: Sonos)

Sonos has just announced its latest wireless speaker, the Sonos Roam – and now it's been revealed that one of the new speaker's best features is coming to its older sibling, the Sonos Move.

The Sonos Move is set to receive a firmware update, which will allow its Auto Trueplay room calibration technology to work over Bluetooth, as well as Wi-Fi – a feature announced alongside the smaller, cheaper Sonos Roam.

Auto Trueplay allows the Sonos Roam and the Sonos Move to adjust their sound output based on its orientation, location, and content, thanks to built-in mics and accelerometers. 

That means the portable speakers should sound great, no matter where you put them – whether you're in a pokey room with lots of walls for the sound to bounce off or a cavernous living room with high ceilings. 

The addition of Bluetooth support for this feature means that both the Sonos Roam and the Sonos Move should be able to calibrate their sound when you're out and about – perhaps boosting bass frequencies when you're outside with fewer sound-bouncing surfaces.

A more flexible Sonos speaker

Adding Auto Trueplay over a Bluetooth connection to the Sonos Move could make the portable smart speaker even more flexible when it comes to where you use it – though the new Sonos Roam looks to be the most flexible of the two.

The cheapest and smallest Sonos speaker to date, the Roam is the most affordable entry point into the brand's multi-room audio ecosystem, and comes with a host of new features designed to let you keep listening to your tunes seamlessly as you move between your home and outdoors. 

These features include Sound Swap, which allows the Sonos Roam to ‘throw’ your audio to the nearest other Sonos speaker available – it can also form part of a Sonos multi-room audio system as well as being used as a regular Bluetooth speaker. 

sonos roam speaker

The new Sonos Roam. (Image credit: Sonos )

Another, Automatic Switching between Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connections, means you can simply walk into your home and the Sonos Roam, having previously been paired with your Bluetooth device, will connect to your Wi-Fi, without the need to set it up and reconnect manually. 

Add to that a rugged, waterproof design, lightweight build, and slick looks, and the Sonos Roam could be the perfect speaker to use both indoors and out. Meanwhile, the Sonos Move is best suited for use at home or in your backyard, due to its heaviness and larger build. 

We haven't tested the Sonos Roam for ourselves yet, but we're excited to see if it lives up to the company's claims. 

Olivia Tambini

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