This $10,000+ 24K gold PS5 might have revealed an important PS5 price detail

Gold PS5
(Image credit: Truly Exquisite)

Remember the luxury bespoke 24K gold PS5? Well, if you’re a self-made millionaire or elite athlete, preorders are now available on the ridiculously lavish console. More interestingly, though, we may have a better idea of how Sony will position the price of the PS5 Digital Edition.

Perhaps somewhat predictably, the 24K gold PS5 retails for an eye-wateringly expensive £8,099 (that's about $10,699 / AU$14,819), which is actually the more affordable option. If you’d prefer the PS5 in 18K Rose Gold or Platinum, prepare to shell out £8,199 and £8,299 respectively.

The DualSense PS5 controller, which has got developers very excited due to its haptic feedback and adaptive triggers, costs more than the predicted PS5 price itself in gold: £649 ($850 / AU$1,180). The PS5 headset will also require a hefty chunk of change, weighing in at £399 ($525 / AU$700). But at least you won’t be able to see how silly you look when wearing it.

Golden ticket

So what, if anything, does the price of the ‘robber’s dream edition’ of the PS5 tell us? Well, Truly Exquisite, the company behind these “true beauties”, is also offering the PS5 Digital Edition in the same three finishes. The 24K Gold Digital PS5 is £7,999, the 18K Rose Gold Digital PS5 is £8,099, and the Platinum Digital PS5 is less than a house deposit at just £8,199. That’s a price difference of £100 compare to the standard model, then. 

There’s been a ton of speculation about how Sony will price the PS5 and the PS5 Digital Edition, with the consensus being that the standard PS5 will retail for $499 (£449.99 / AU$679). The PS5 Digital Edition, meanwhile, is predicted to knock between $100 to $50 off – no more, no less. 

Thanks to Truly Exquisite, we can see that the price difference between the luxury PS5 and PS5 Digital Edition is indeed £100 in this case, but will that be reflected when Sony eventually announces the PS5 price? We'll have to wait and see.

Here comes a new challenger

(Image credit: Sony)

With Microsoft turning up the heat with its Xbox Series S announcement, all eyes are now on Sony. The digital-only Xbox Series S is set to disrupt the market thanks to its $299.99 (£249.99 / AU$400) price point and is set to release on November 10, 2020. It’s the smallest Xbox ever made, and a more affordable albeit less powerful version of the Xbox Series X, which is expected to retail for $499.99 (£449.99 / AU$679). 

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