This amazing iPhone 13 deal will make you forget all about the Samsung Galaxy S22

iPhone 13 deals
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If you don't really have a 'team' when it comes to the ongoing rivalry between iPhone and Android and just want the best smartphone for your cash, then there's a brilliant new iPhone 13 deal that may just turn your head away from the imminent arrival of the Samsung Galaxy S22.

For the eyes of TechRadar readers only, retailer Fonehouse has dropped a new iPhone 13 deal that tops the market right now.

So long as you have £150 to pay upfront, this tariff gets you a brand spanking new 128GB iPhone 13 (in your choice of five colours), with unlimited texts, unlimited callas and a hefty 100GB of data to use for all your non-Wi-Fi internet needs.

But probably the best bit about this exclusive iPhone 13 deal is the bills... they come in at just £29 a month, which is the lowest we've seen them for this type of tariff.

Apple iPhone 13

iPhone 13: at Fonehouse | Three | £149 upfront | 100GB data | unlimited minutes and texts | £29/pm
Fonehouse has really timed this offer well. On a day when Samsung is releasing its latest handset, a strong offer on the iPhone 13 is a real power move! And this is a cracker, with those monthly bills heading south of £30, as long as you're comfortable with that upfront spend.

How good is the iPhone 13?

The iPhone 13 is the main device of Apple's family of four 2021 flagship models.

Sitting between the Pro models and the mini, it offers a blend of affordability and specs, as well as a slightly larger design than the iPhone 13 mini for those put off by its diminutive size.

Apple iPhone 13 colours in a row

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It includes Apple's A15 Bionic chip, the same durable glass display, dual camera technology and more. The main differences from previous iterations is its bigger, slightly brighter display as well as featuring a larger battery.

The iPhone 13 has a dual camera set-up but those two lenses are the best we've seen from Apple so far. This is mostly in internal improvements to processing, drastically improving low light ability and ability to stop blur.

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