The stunning Solar Red HTC U11 is now up for pre-order

Update: The HTC U11 in Solar Red is now up for pre-order in the UK as well, with the same £649 price as other models and a shipping date of July.

The HTC U11 has an eye-catching design, with a curvy glass shell and a two-tone finish, but by far the most impressive color scheme is the Solar Red one, and this wasn’t initially available.

Well, it is now, or at least it’s up for pre-order in the US and the UK, with the same $649/£649 price as the phone's other shades and a shipping date of July.

There’s no word yet on if or when the Solar Red HTC U11 will hit Australia, but hopefully we’ll see it soon, and at the same AU$999 price as the other colors.

From gold to red

But what’s so good about the Solar Red shade? Well, you can see for yourself in the gallery above, but essentially it changes from a vibrant red to a shiny gold depending on the angle you view it, making for a more dramatic change in shade than the other HTC U11 colors on offer.

If you’re going to buy the HTC U11 this is probably the color to go for, but with so many great phones to choose from this year you might want to read our full review first, and check out our list of the best phones.

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