HTC U11 colors: what shade do you want for your next phone?

The color of your new phone is one of the biggest decisions you need to make when you're looking to upgrade. You're likely to be stuck with it for upwards of two years and looking at it multiple times a day, so it's vital that it's a color you like.

Fortunately, the HTC U11 comes in a variety of shades, so you can make sure you buy the perfect phone for your money. It's also worth noting each phone has a glass back with a two-tone effect that means it appears as a slightly different color depending on what way you're holding it.

There are five different colors available for the HTC U11, but not every version of the phone is on sale in every region. We've listed all five versions, along with where they're actually available, but note that this may be subject to change.

HTC U11 colors: Brilliant Black

It's possible this will be the most popular color for the HTC U11 when it launches. Thanks to its 'Liquid Surface' design the Brilliant Black version of the HTC U11 looks different to any other phone on the market, despite just being the standard black option for the phone.

Can I get it? Those in the US and UK can pre-order now, no confirmation for Australia.

HTC U11 colors: Amazing Silver

The Amazing Silver color is one of the lighter shades for the HTC U11. It's HTC's shiny take on a classic shade.

Can I get it? Both the US and UK can get this version, but an Australian release is currently unclear.

HTC U11 colors: Sapphire Blue

This jewel-like blue shade is sure to prove popular when it launches and gives your phone a totally different look to everything else on the market.

Can I get it? US and UK releases are confirmed while there's no word for Australia.

HTC U11 colors: Ice White

The white version of the HTC U11 is the lightest shade of the new phone, but whether you'll be able to buy it is currently unclear. HTC has confirmed the phone is coming in Ice White, but not what markets it will be on sale in.

Can I get it? No markets have been confirmed to receive Ice White.

HTC U11 colors: Solar Red

Perhaps the boldest version of the HTC U11, the Solar Red color has been exciting HTC fans all over the world. The two-tone effect on the Solar Red phone means it will appear as gold from some angles.

Can I get it? We don't know yet - we look forward to hearing confirmation from HTC soon.

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