The Nintendo Switch Lite gets a new coral color scheme

(Image credit: Nintendo)

A coral-colored Nintendo Switch Lite is on the way – and it's a beautiful addition to the Nintendo Switch family.

Currently Nintendo's solely-handheld version of the Switch is only available in turquoise, gray or yellow, so a bit more variety in colors is welcome news.

But, before you buy it's worth noting that the Switch Lite is the handheld version of the original Switch and cannot be docked, which means that it is more limited in the games it can play – with co-op essentially ruled out.

Color choices

(Image credit: Nintendo)

It's also worth noting that this change in color is the only difference. The handheld console still sports the same hardware as the turquoise, gray and yellow Switch Lite models – it's just a different color.

The coral Switch Lite is priced the same as the other colors, with an RRP of $199.9 / £199.99 / $329.99. 

The coral Nintendo Switch Lite is currently available for pre-order from Nintendo, and will officially hit shelves on April 3 in the US and April 24 in Australia and Europe.

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