The Microsoft Store will soon offer remote app installs and a wish list

Microsoft Store

The Microsoft Store looks set to receive a major upgrade, with a redesigned home page, a wish list feature, a shopping cart and the ability to install apps remotely across all your Windows 10 devices.

The updated storefront was first spotted by Twitter user Ajith, who appears to be part of a small A/B testing group.

Microsoft has hinted at some of these features before. Earlier this month, Bleeping Computer discovered a way to install apps remotely via the Microsoft Store website, but the process seemed to be a work in progress. The site's writers were able to install the Netflix app remotely, but it took about 15 minutes to complete. That's far slower than the same process on the Google Play Store, which has offered remote installs for a while now.

More in store

The Microsoft Store has also seen some major changes behind the scenes in recent months. In April, Microsoft reshuffled its staff, moved some away from developing Windows 10 apps like Stocks and Weather, and shifting them across to the Edge team instead.

Meanwhile, the company bulked out its store with progressive web apps (PWAs), which are essentially websites that run in their own containers and don't have to be opened in a web browser.

This means a lot more choice for Windows 10 users, so it makes sense to provide a wish list where they can bookmark apps to download in future, and a shopping cart so they can pay for premium apps en masse. Look out for the new features arriving on your desktop soon.

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