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This Amazon Echo Dot deal for $0.99 will make you think it's Black Friday

Amazon Echo Dot 3rd gen
(Image credit: Amazon)

The Amazon Echo Dot is so cheap on Amazon right now that you may swear that it's Black Friday or Cyber Monday. We checked with Alexa – that's just not the case.

The 3rd gen Echo Dot is $0.99 on Amazon in the US, with the caveat that you have to sign up for Amazon Music Unlimited for one month, which costs  $7.99 alone.

So, even if you don't really want Music Unlimited, you're paying a total of $8.98 for a smart speaker that typically costs $25 when on sale and $49.99 as its official MSRP. You can still buy the Echo Dot 3rd gen for $49.99 right now, believe it or not.

Echo Dot (3rd Gen) $49.99  $0.99 or $8.98 at Amazon
It really depends on how you look at this Echo Dot deal – it's either $0.99 if you intended to pair Amazon's music service with it, or still a tempting $9 if that's not something you want. View Deal

This is a rare Amazon Echo Dot deal – with a warning

We rarely suggest you buy the Amazon Echo Dot outside of these three days: Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and Amazon Prime Day. It's just not worth paying full price.

Today seems to be the one exception, with Amazon dropping the price in order to increase its Amazon Music Unlimited subscriber count. Well, count us in.

There's one thing you should know before signing up. Amazon forces you to enable auto-renewal in this Music Unlimited bundle, so you could get charged another $7.99 if you're not careful and forget to cancel.

Alexa can always help you set a reminder to cancel, and with that, you can escape with an Amazon Echo Dot 3rd gen for just $8.98. Not too shabby.