This is the cheapest 4K HDR streaming machine out right now

Xiaomi's Mi Box is the cheapest 4K HDR streaming machine out right now

Xiaomi's Android TV set-top, the Mi Box, is out today, and though it's far from the only 4K-capable HDR streaming solution on the block, it might just be the cheapest.

First rumored it was aiming for the lower end last month, the Mi Box is officially going for a price favorable to both budget-conscious consumers and Bill & Ted - $69, dudes!

This means Xiaomi's set-top debut undercuts the entire 4K streaming competition to date, which includes the $79 Roku Premiere, the $99 Amazon Fire TV, and the $129 Roku 4. It's also a fraction of higher-end 4K machines like the $199 Nvidia Shield, $299 Xbox One S, and the upcoming $399 PS4 Pro.

The Mi Box skimps on its price tag, but thankfully not on features. In addition to streaming 4K and HDR content at up to 60 frames per second, the device supports Google Cast, Google voice search, and gaming through the Google Play Store.

A challenger soon appears!

Alas, the Mi Box's time swimming solo in the cheap end may be short lived as Google's upgraded, 4K-capable Chromecast Ultra will reportedly match it in price.

The $69 plug-and-play puck is expected to make its debut at Google's big press conference tomorrow, alongside the Google Pixel, Pixlel XL, Chromecast Ultra, and other devices.

Until then, the Mi Box has a few hours to enjoy as the most cost-effective solution to streaming titles like Luke Cage or House of Cards in sweet, sweet 4K resolution.

The Mi Box can be purchased online today and plans to be in Walmart stores nationwide soon. The device is currently only available in the US, with no apparent plans by Xiaomi to take the Mi Box internationally at this time.

Parker Wilhelm
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