Toshiba to release 3D TV range this year

Toshiba insists its new 3D TVs won't use polarising technology, despite showing off a demo of the technology

Toshiba has revealed that it will release a 3D-ready TV later in the year. At the UK launch of its Freeview HD and LED TV range of TVs, the company announced that a 3D version of its TV range was in the making.

A UK release date is set for Q4 this year, with full specifications to be announced at IFA 2010 in September.

"We may not have announced it today but we are looking to release a 3D-Ready TV range this year," announced Olivier Van Wynendaele, Assistant General Manager for Marketing Europe at Toshiba to TechRadar. "We will have more specific details at IFA 2010."

Technology used

When pushed about what technology will be used, Wynendaele was very coy. However, he did mention that "it won't be polarised".

It doesn't take a brain surgeon to figure that the company is looking into active shutter, tech then. Unless Tosh is going down the old-school anaglyph route.

"We are looking into using the best technology possible and the one which is right for the consumer," explained Wynendaele.

He also revealed the Cell TV will be 3D-ready when it hits the UK – which points to the TV also coming out Q4 in 2010.