Things not so sweet for YouView as Lord Sugar steps down

Things not so sweet for YouView as Lord Sugar steps down
Lord Sugar stepping away from YouView

Another big name has fled YouView as Lord Alan Sugar becomes the latest to jump the IPTV ship.

A leading British tech figure, Lord Sugar has been at the company for two years, launching the product with slightly odd declaration that it was "a carcass of a service".

He follows luminaries like former-iPlayer man Anthony Rose and Ofcom's Kip Meek in exiting the company.

It's not a case of shouting 'you're fired' at a mirror for Sugar at least, with the Amstrad founder insisting that he has completed the job that he was hired to do.


YouView is an IPTV service that has the backing of seven familiar British partners, including all the terrestrial broadcasters, Arqiva, BT and TalkTalk.

Although it was described to TechRadar a week ago as "a long way from mainstream" by Freeview head Ilse Howling, YouView is claiming to be the fastest growing British platform.

Obviously as a brand new service that's not that bold a suggestion - although YouView does have a bundle of potential and, in BT and TalkTalk, backers that are desperate for it to work.

But for those looking for a spoonful of the Sugar tenure, you'll just have to hope it is featured in the backwards EPG.

Patrick Goss

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