Score a free indoor antenna for your TV today courtesy of Channel Master

Channel Master Flatenna
Channel Master Flatenna

Television accessory manufacturer Channel Master doesn't want you dread April 15, the last business day before Tax Day on April 18.

That's why it's officially replacing the one day of the year many of us spend hastily tallying up our expenses from last year and shipping a bunch of forms off to some remote government facility with a real holiday: Free Antenna Day.

The company posted on its website that it will be giving away a limited quantity of its HD FLATennas on Friday, April 15th, beginning at 8am Pacific Time. Here's the link to the giveaway.

Now, the last thing you want to fill out is another form, but the only thing you need to fork over is your address.

Text on Channel Master's website says it's willing to ship the HD antennas anywhere in the Continental United States absolutely free until it runs out of promotional units.

There are some caveats, however. In order to take advantage of Channel Master's generous gift, you'll need a TV with a coaxial connection and a digital tuner, and live within about 35 miles of a broadcast tower.

If you don't know what any of that is, don't worry. As long as your TV was made after March 2007 and you live relatively close to a semi-populated town you'll be fine.

The deal probably won't last longer than an hour or two before word spreads and the company runs out of units. But, if you're quick, you should be able to snag the first piece of a cord-cutter's dream without paying its usual $10 sticker price.

Nick Pino

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