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LG: 32" OLED TV coming June 2010

LG planning assault on OLED market next year

Sources over at LG, not content to just let the world know it's working with Apple for next generation 'i' devices, has also let slip it will be unveiling 32-inch OLED TVs next year.

The source that spoke to Smarthouse last month has been chatting again, stating that not only will LG be bringing a 15-inch OLED TV to market this year, and likely before Christmas, but it will also have a 32-inch version ready for June 2010.

An executive from the company said: "The early models will be double, if not triple, the price of an LCD panel however, over time they will fall".

Bigger and cheaper than Sony

It seems that the 15-inch version will come in at $3,999 in Australian money (around £2,000) so not only is it bigger than Sony's effort, it could be cheaper too, as the Japanese's effort still costs over £3,000 in good old Blighty.

However, one of the problems with adding another display technology to the market is the fact consumers will get easily confused, as Warren Kim, Marketing Manager for LG Display in Australia, told Smarthouse:

"There is a market for everything. We will have to look at the pricing. One big issue in bringing OLED into the market is education. Currently we have plasma, LCD and educating consumers on the different display options is difficult".

Still, it looks like the credit crunch isn't stopping the big names investing in OLED technology, and the race will be cranked up another notch if Sony, as expected, brings out its next OLED TV at IFA this year.

Via Smarthouse