Google TV to gain Siri-like voice control?

Google TV to gain Siri-like voice control?
Google's patent filing would allow users to control the TV from outside the house

A new patent filing suggests that Google is planning to integrate voice technology in order to control Google TV-enabled devices from inside and outside of the home.

The filing sees the viewer convey instructions or commands to the TV by speaking to a smartphone or tablet application somewhat similar to Apple's Siri.

The viewer would be able to search for content on Google TV, change channels or ask questions about when certain TV shows are being aired.

The commands would be sent to Google's cloud servers before filtering down to your TV set .

Full control from outside the house

Perhaps the most interesting aspect of the patent, uncovered by Patently Apple, is the ability to control your Google TV set, set-top box or Blu-ray player from outside the home.

So, if you're on your way home from work just as the game is going to start, you could conceivably get your telly warmed up and on the correct channel so it's on when you walk through the door.

The filing states that "the provision of the query to the television may occur when the user is within a set distance of his home also (e.g., by determining with GPS functionality on the smartphone that he is within 1/4 mile of the home), and the television may be turned on automatically as he approaches the home, with the television tuned to a channel that is determined to be most relevant to the query."

The patent also mentions that the voice control functionality could be used to stream music to the TV or to set-up playlists.

This functionality could relate to the rumoured Google wireless home streaming device.

Via: PatentlyApple, BGR

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