Currys pays up for Lampard's World Cup 'goal'

Currys - gift card for Lamps
Currys - gift card for Lamps

Currys has stated that it will recognise England's 'goal that wasn't' in their game against Germany as part of its pre-World Cup Cash for Goals offer.

Currys offered £10 back for each England goal if you spent more than £599 on a telly at the store, and certainly didn't rue the decision when England failed to fire.

After three perfectly legitimate goals, Frank Lampard's effort should have added a fourth and made the first half score 2-2 against Germany, but was not given because of myopic officials and Sepp Blatter's ludicrous Fifa mandate not to look at goal-line technology.

But, the retailer has done the right thing and allowed the goal to stand – in its offer at least – although the payment will be on a gift card and not cash.

Legitimate goal

Currys Marketing Director, Niall O'Keeffe commented: "Like every other England fan, and pretty much every person around the world who watched the match, we believe that Frank Lampard scored a legitimate goal on Sunday.

"We promised our customers £10 back for every goal the team scored in the World Cup and we stand by that so we're officially recognising it and will be giving all eligible customers a free £10 gift voucher for the goal that got away.

"England may have got the red card – but our customers will get a gift card. Although it's no consolation for an early World Cup exit we'd like to give a bit back to the fans who've had so little to cheer about over the last couple of weeks."

Now if each England player can pay back £10 to each person who sat through their 'efforts' against Germany, we'll be even happier.

Patrick Goss

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