Apple iTV to get 4K upgrade, could still launch this year

Apple iTV
4K? OK

File this one under "more possible Apple nonsense" but talk of the long-rumoured Apple iTV has begun again, pegging the TV set to arrive by the end of 2013 with 4K Ultra HD in tow.

New whispers from the ever-questionable Digitimes suggest we could be seeing a 3840 x 2160 display from Apple at the end of 2013 or the start of 2014 depending on component availability. Apple is reportedly looking at an LG Display for the Ultra HD television.

The familiar 'supply chain sources' also say it will come with voice and motion control as well as an internet connection, though we can't say that the latter is of any huge surprise.

TV, or not TV, that is the question

Coinciding with this rumour, renowned Apple analyst Gene Munster has told Bloomberg that he still thinks Apple will release the iTV by the end of the year, adding there is "no question whether it's a set-top box versus a TV, it's an actual TV".

That's all very well but does it actually mean anything? Munster has been vocal on the iTV for some time, and while we're taking all of these rumours with a hefty scoop from the salt jar, it's certainly not unlikely that Apple is getting ready to launch its next new product.

He also posited that Apple's iWatch won't be appearing until 2014, giving Apple time to focus on taking over the TV world.

Hugh Langley

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