TCL 4K Google TVs are finally on the way, but could the US miss out?

TCL 65 series
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Chinese TV manufacturer TCL has announced its own line-up of 4K Google TVs coming this year. The new models are the P735 and C635 TVs, and both will feature the Google TV operating system as well as 4K resolution. For both models, sizes will range between 43 and 75-inches.

As reported by FlatpanelsHD, these new 4K Google TVs were announced by TCL's European branch specifically and will launch in April of this year. The P735 and C635 models will also boast support for Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos, and are fitted with a Direct LED panel. They are squarely mid-range TVs, however, and won't have enhanced features like HDR10+ or a 120Hz refresh rate.

TCL has announced that its new 4K Google TVs will start from 650 Euros (around $740 / £540) in European territories. However, there's currently no word as to whether or not the budget tellies will launch in the US.

That said, last year's excellent TCL 6-Series 8K QLED TV did launch in the US, as did many of its older 4K TVs like the TCL 6-Series 2020 4K QLED TV, so there's a decent chance TCL will still bring its 4K Google TVs stateside before long.

TCL's place in the market

TCL is just the latest brand to announce details for some of its new TVs for 2022, hot off the heels of Sony spilling the beans on its new A95K models, which originally debuted at CES 2022. Additionally, Sony hasn't been shy about divulging details on its new QD-OLED TVs for 2022, which could become some of the best 4K TVs out there this year.

Whereas the competition is sporting impressive high-end tech with even higher price tags, TCL is keeping its 4K Google TVs back in the mid-range, which will be great for consumers not looking to spend a small fortune on a brand new TV. We've been very impressed with the quality of TCL TVs in the past, and consider them to be among the best budget 4K TVs you can buy.

The move over to Google TV is also an interesting one for TCL. Many of the brand's prior TVs have run on Roku's operating system. Google TV features Chromecast built-in, allowing users to watch thousands of the best streaming apps, download and play games via the Google Play Store, and also features Google Assistant for voice command input.

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