Sony is reportedly working on a new smartphone that rolls right up

Sony Xperia XZ3
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While we wait for folding phones from Samsung and Huawei to go on sale, Sony is apparently working on some flexible display tech of its own – but in this case we're talking about a rollable phone rather than a foldable one.

Tipster Max J from AllAboutSamsung says that he has genuine intel about prototypes being worked on at Sony. Note that we're talking prototypes here, so the details could change before a full consumer launch.

A rollable Sony handset could be unveiled by the end of the year, the rumor goes, sporting a Snapdragon 855 chipset and 5G courtesy of the Qualcomm X50 Modem. With those specs, don't expect a cheap starting price.

Considering the lack of solid evidence to back up these claims, we wouldn't bet your house on them just yet. They are, however, an intriguing hint about where Sony and the rest of the industry might head next.

Joining the dots

We've previously seen patents from Sony detailing how rollable (and foldable) phone screens could work. We also know that LG – tipped to be supplying Sony with flexible screens – has the expertise to make displays that roll up.

Add in the news that the likes of LG and Samsung are apparently busy developing rollable smartphones of their own, and this new rumor about a Sony device starts to sound a lot more credible.

A couple of months ago we heard that Sony is prepping a 5G-capable, clamshell-style folding Xperia phone ready for launch in 2020, so next year could be quite the year for innovative Sony products.

In the meantime it's the IFA 2019 expo in Berlin in September, a show where Sony usually has a strong presence. We might hear more about the technology there.

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