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Sony announces pre-order and price of the Bravia 4K HDR OLED AF8

Sony has officially announced the pre-order and price of the flagship AF8 2018 4K HDR OLED Bravia TV. The reveal comes with a new, beautiful, advert.

The television is going to be £2,499 for the 55-inch variant and £3,299 for the 65-inch variant, and pre-orders are live as of April 9. US prices are still to be confirmed.

The flagship OLED will be available in-store at the end of April. No word yet on the rest of the Sony range.

Window into cheaper OLED

The advert is called “Window into daytime” and is obviously playing on the theme of OLED TV’s reputation for low brightness, with dark nighttime scenes being illuminated by Bravia sets showing the same scene, but in daytime. 

What’s interesting is that Sony’s OLED panels aren’t getting an upgrade until 2019, and the processor is exactly the same too. From our time with it, the only difference is the stand and the woofer. 

That means the main pull for the 2018 model was always going to be price, and Sony hasn't disappointed with what is actually a reasonable price for an OLED. You can check out the advert below: