Silent Hills on PS5 seems likely amid Sony reboot rumors

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Sony is reportedly working on two Silent Hill games: a soft reboot and a revival of Kojima's cancelled Silent Hills.

That's according to a report by Rely on Horror, which claims that a "trusted source" has disclosed that Sony will be the "driving force behind bringing the series back". According to this report, not only are there plans to soft reboot the Silent Hill series but Sony could also resurrect Hideo Kojima's cancelled Silent Hills game.

"According to our first source, Sony is working to patch up the relationship between Kojima Productions and Konami in order to resurrect the game due to the amount of buzz and continued demand for it five years after its cancellation," reads the report.

The report also claims that key figures will be returning to work on the reboot – rumored to simply be called 'Silent Hill' – including the original Silent Hill director and writer, Keiichiro Toyama, composer Akira Yamaoka and creature designer, Masahiro Ito. SIE Japan Studio is also rumored to be behind development in some capacity.

With Sony driving the Silent Hill reboot and Silent Hills revival, it looks likely that we will see both landing on the PlayStation 5, but it's unlikely to be anytime soon. There's also a possibility that we may see both being PlayStation exclusives, although we can only speculate on that right now.

What is Silent Hills?

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A Silent Hill reboot isn't particularly a surprise, particularly given the success of Capcom's Resident Evil 2 Remake - and upcoming Resident Evil 3 remake

However, the revival of Silent Hills is somewhat of a surprise. Silent Hills was in development by Kojima Productions (the studio behind Death Stranding) for PS4. The game was to be directed by Hideo Kojima and Guillermo del Toro, with Norman Reedus set to play the main protagonist. 

Silent Hills was announced via a short playable teaser/demo (P.T.) in 2014, that was free to download on PlayStation Store. But, due to Kojima's exit from Konami, the game was cancelled in 2015 – and we've been craving it since.

We may finally get to play Silent Hills now, but whether Kojima is involved in any way is still to be seen. Sony has reportedly offered Kojima "full creative freedom" should he return to the project. 

We may be getting excited about two new Silent Hill games but, while the reboot is reportedly in active development, Silent Hills is apparently not set in stone quite yet. We'll just have to wait for Konami's official confirmation.

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