Sharp will partner with Devialet to launch its best-ever portable speaker in 2022

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Sharp has announced that it will be partnering with renowned audio brand Devialet to bring its best-sounding speakers to consumers in 2022. 

Using Sharp’s hardware and Devialet’s SAM (Speaker Active Matching) software, these premium speakers will deliver improved linearity and enhanced low-frequency performance. In terms of the music you love, this should lead to fuller, more powerful sound and reduced distortion at loud volumes.

We had the chance to hear an early version of the tech in action at a Sharp demo event, and the results were impressive. The audio performance was noticeably improved with SAM active even though it was the same Sharp hardware being used, which has us more than excited to see what Sharp and Devialet will bring to the table when its final products hit the shelves.

What about Sharp’s current speakers? 

This news doesn’t mean you should wait around to get in on Sharp’s great-sounding speakers, though, as they already offer an impressive range of audio products.

If you’re after something portable, the Sharp GX-DT280, GX-BT180, and GX-BT60 Bluetooth speakers offer splash and waterproof designs that will let you enjoy your favorite tunes in a range of different environments for up to 13-hours on battery alone. 

Alternatively, you could nab one of Sharp’s party speakers, which include LEDs that create spinning light shows to add a bit more wow factor. The soon-to-release PS-949, for instance, has a power output of 200W, boasts 13 hours of playtime, and offers both DJ effects and microphone inputs to help bring your party to life.

Regardless of which speaker option you go for, it probably supports Sharp’s Duo Mode for True Wireless Stereo. If you have two of the same wireless speakers connected to a device, you’ll be able to sync them up to play left and right channel audio individually. 

The more dynamic soundscape this feature creates is pretty impressive from what we’ve heard for ourselves, and is especially great at boosting the performance from Sharp’s more budget-friendly offerings.

Hamish Hector
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