Samsung's next smartphone could have a pop-up selfie camera

(Image credit: TechRadar)

While it isn’t the newest idea to hit the smartphone world, the pop-up selfie camera is certainly a novel way of decluttering the handset’s face and allowing for an uninterrupted display in doing so.

A few manufacturers have already implemented this trick – the OnePlus 7 Pro and Oppo Reno are some notable examples – but the latest leak suggests that Samsung will be joining them in the near future.

A number of renders have been ‘acquired’ by design website Pigtou in collaboration with veteran leakers OnLeaks, showing off the alleged Samsung handset from all angles.

Samsung Galaxy A series with pop-up selfie camera

[Courtesy of Pigtou / OnLeaks] (Image credit: Pigtou / OnLeaks)

The renders show a phone with a fingerprint scanner on its rear, as well as a triple camera array, so it’s likely that the device won’t be in Samsung’s flagship Galaxy S series, and will more probably be in the mid-range Galaxy A series.

The selfie camera is contained in a small, squared-off protrusion that pops up from the top edge of the phone, slightly offset from the handset’s centre. Some other details that can be gleaned from the renders include a USB-C port, lack of headphone jack, and an all-display design with some minor top and side bezels and a slightly larger chin bezel.

Given that any evidence of this handset's existence lies purely in the form of some leaked renders, there’s no telling if it’s accurate at this point, let alone when it will release. 

In the past, we’ve seen rumored Samsung prototypes of the Galaxy A series turn out to be wildly different than the final design, so we can’t be certain of the veracity of these renders.

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