Final Samsung Galaxy A90 leak shows chunky pop-up camera panel

The Samsung Galaxy A9. Image credit: TechRadar

We're only hours away from what we expect is the launch of the Samsung Galaxy A90, along with a range of other Galaxy A handsets, and that leaves time for one more leak.

Images published on Indiashopps show the front and back of the Samsung Galaxy A90, and all eyes are on its chunky pop-up camera panel.

As the images show, there's a panel at the top of the phone which can be extended. When it's down it houses the three-camera rear setup, but when it pops up there are also three cameras facing forward too. 

We'd heard rumors of this massive pop-up panel before, and if the leaked images are real it makes for an interesting new feature.

Pop-up front-facing cameras are becoming a new trend in smartphones – we're expecting the upcoming OnePlus 7 to have one – but these are usually small, and only house one or two cameras, but the Samsung Galaxy A90's panel apparently takes up its whole width.

Image credit: Indiashopps

Image credit: Indiashopps

What about the A80?

Another product we're expecting to see is the Samsung Galaxy A80, and the scores from a benchmark test have just been leaked.

In a multi-score test run by SamMobile, the Galaxy A80 apparently scores 6732, which is a fair score for a mid-range device. The test also suggests the handset will use a Qualcomm chipset, but which isn't specified.

We won't have long to wait before we find out everything we need to know about these phones – the launch event is later today, and TechRadar is there to cover it. You can follow our Samsung Galaxy Event live blog for up-to-date information and our expert analysis, or watch a livestream of the event yourself when it starts in a few hours.

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