Samsung’s full 2023 lineup of OLED and Neo QLED TVs is now available

Samsung S95C on white background
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Samsung has announced that its full lineup of OLED and Neo QLED TVs for 2023 is now available in the US. The company had previously announced pricing for nearly all models, and a few new TVs such as the QN900C / QN800C 8K and QN90C 4K sets, along with its 2023 OLED lineup, consisting of the S95C series and S90C series had been rolled out. But as of today Samsung’s full premium TV family for 2023 is now finally available to buy.

The company also announced several bundled “Your Choice” deals for buyers of its new 2023 Neo QLED 4K, 8K, and OLED TVs that will run from today through April 16. These deals let buyers take advantage of free delivery and installation, and in the case of the new 8K models, also receive a free 32-inch Samsung The Frame QLED TV.

Samsung’s 2023 TVs fared exceptionally well in our recent hands-on tests of the QN900C 8K and QN95C 4K Neo QLED models, and we have every reason to believe they will land on our list of the best 8K TVs and best 4K TVs, respectively, following our forthcoming full reviews. The same goes for the Samsung S95C OLED, which looks primed to land high on our list of the best OLED TVs.

Sweet Samsung deals 

Here are the specifics of the Your Choice deals Samsung has announced to celebrate the arrival of its full TV lineup:

  • Buyers of a 2023 QN900C or QN800C 8K Neo QLED TV can choose between a free 32-inch The Frame (2022 model) TV or free delivery and installation and wall-mount
  • Buyers of a 2023 Neo QLED 4K (65 inches and up) or 2023 OLED TV can choose between 50% off a Samsung The Freestyle projector, free delivery and installation, or a free wall mount
  • The deals will run while supplies last on and from participating retailers such as Best Buy and Amazon

Samsung The Frame TV showing artwork in a living room setting

Samsung's 2022 The Frame QLED TV displaying art in ambient mode (Image credit: Samsung)

Analysis: The 2023 TV season is in full swing 

With the arrival of Samsung’s full premium TV lineup in the US, the 2023 TV season is now fully underway. Will people be buying? While inflation has hit the economy of the US and other countries hard, there’s indication in the US at least that consumer sentiment remains strong, though it did hit its lowest level in four months during March 2023.

If consumers are in fact ready to spend on a new set, they will find prices for the new Samsung Neo QLED TVs to be the same at launch as they were in 2022, while the OLED ones are notably more expensive. 

If history is any indication – and by that we are specifically referring to 2022 – prices will start to drop by summer and then follow a steep downward trend through to the Black Friday selling season. Even so, Samsung is smart to offer these bundled deals, which will let eager early buyers of the new TVs also save money.

The free 32-inch Samsung The Frame deal looks particularly intriguing, as that offer is for the upgraded 2022 model that added anti-reflective coating to reduce screen glare. And while 32 inches may seem small compared to a 65-inch or larger 8K TV, it’s a perfect size for a wall-hanging set that displays art in ambient mode – a key feature of The Frame.

Following our tests of Samsung’s new 8K and 4K Neo QLED and OLED TVs, we can confidently say that buyers of the company’s premium sets for 2023 will not be disappointed. These TVs all incorporate improved processing to enhance picture quality, and we found the S95C to be the brightest OLED TV we’ve yet tested in our hands-on review of the 77-inch model. Our review of the new LG G3 is forthcoming, so we can’t say which of these two flagship OLEDs will end up being the brightest, but we can say that Samsung’s slim and elegant SC95C captured our attention in more ways than one.

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