Samsung SmartThings can control your Google Nest devices - It's an important collaboration

Google Nest controlled by Samsung SmartThings
(Image credit: Samsung)

Samsung and Google, the two global tech giants, are bringing their smart home platforms together for the first time. Samsung’s SmartThings will support Google Nest devices from January 2021.

Quite simply, users will be able to control their Nest devices, including cameras, thermostats and doorbells, through Samsung’s SmartThings apps. If they have a compatible Samsung smart TV or any other Samsung smart appliance, they can control the Nest devices from there too. 

SmartThings users can also incorporate Nest devices into their current WWST-certified devices to create Scenes and automated experiences, controlling the functions with simple voice commands or through the SmartThings app.     

SmartThings is a leader in IoT technology and its open platform brings together devices, developers, and services to offer a large integrated ecosystem. 

Previously, users could only do things like set the temperature remotely or view their camera feeds from their Nest devices from the Google Home app, but now they have more ways and more places to control their smart home from.

Nest has long been seen as an insular smart home company, and now it looks like its devices are finally going to start playing nice with other other smart home devices.

Google and Samsung working on long-term integration

Google is also working with Samsung to bring an Android 11 feature to Samsung’s new Galaxy smartphones that will let its users see all of their connected devices from the Quick Panel screen.

Samsung, for its part, is adding Google Assistant support into its new smart appliances and devices so that users can control them with their voice.

Both firms will link their respective online accounts so that customers can more easily streamline the process of using devices and services from both ecosystems.

More Samsung smart home appliances and devices will also soon come with voice support from Google.

Setting up your smart devices will also be easier: Samsung now offers simple linking with your Google Assistant right from multiple Samsung apps, including SmartThings to streamline the process. 

"We’re pleased to further strengthen our partnership with Google and integrate Nest into our portfolio to offer users more ways to control and automate their home,” said Ralf Elias, Global Vice President IoT / Business Development & Partnerships at Samsung Electronics. “We are committed to creating a universal system where all smart home devices can work cohesively together.”

"To make it easier for you to control all of your connected devices, we’ve been working closely with manufacturers to make sure your devices communicate and work across the smart home ecosystem,” Michele Turner, Director of Product and Smart Home Ecosystem for Google Nest, said.

Via: Samsung, Google

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