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Samsung phones may be sharing your photos with random contacts

Samsung Galaxy S9

A glitch in Samsung’s mobile Messages app is reportedly transferring photos and pictures at random to users’ contact lists.

Samsung's community forums have been fielding discussions on the bug, though it may only be affecting Galaxy 9 and Galaxy Note 8 devices. 

While the issue doesn’t appear to be widespread, one user on Reddit even reported that their entire photo gallery was erroneously transferred via SMS.

With the infamously flammable Galaxy Note 7 still in recent memory, it’s troubling that its successor may be leading into a storm of its own – though hopefully this will remain an isolated issue. We've reached out to Samsung for comment.

Hey, that's mine!

With the advent of GDPR and a growing conversation around user privacy, customers are becoming more wary of how they share their personal data – and seemingly with good reason.

Facebook recently revealed that a bug on the social media site had wiped the ‘block list’ of over 800,000 users, temporarily increasing the visibility of their profile to blacklisted users.

A report from the Wall Street Journal also detailed the widespread ability of third-party app developers to read private messages on Gmail.