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Samsung has made a wireless keyboard for DeX

 Samsung Keyboard Trio 500
(Image credit: Samsung)
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Samsung’s flagship phones come with DeX, a unique feature that takes the dexterity of using your smartphone as a computer to a whole new level. By simply connecting the phone to a display, DeX can basically offer you a full desktop experience.

Recently, the company announced that if you’ve got a Galaxy S21 series phone, you can go wireless with DeX. However, connecting a keyboard was probably still its biggest limitation. However, this is going to change soon.

Samsung is reportedly (opens in new tab) ready with a DeX compatible wireless keyboard that can pair up with not one but three different devices. And hence its fittingly called Samsung Keyboard Trio 500.

In terms of connectivity, this QWERTY keyboard can hook up with the other devices wirelessly and doesn’t have an inbuilt battery. Instead, it draws power from a couple of AAA batteries. The Samsung Keyboard Trio 500 was found listed in a couple of colour options, Black and White.

Both the variants have some keys in different accents highlighting the important shortcuts present on the keyboard. The Black variant has four keys including a shortcut to initiate DeX mode in orange colour while the same keys on the White variant are highlighted in light blue colour. The description on Samsung’s website hints that the keyboard will indeed come with an option to assign hotkeys to your favourite applications.

In terms of specifications, the Samsung Smart Keyboard Trio 500 has 78 keys and weighs around 412 grams making it portable enough to be carried easily in a backpack. It comes in a slightly slanted design and tapers down towards the bottom offering an ergonomic typing position.

The keyboard was listed at a retail price of Euro 45 suggesting that this keyboard would rely on the Samsung device for all the processing required for the DeX platform. In terms of availability, though there is no official word, we can expect Samsung to announce this keyboard along with other devices in the April 28 Galaxy Unpacked event.

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