Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 and Galaxy Z Flip 3 prices leak – with good and bad news

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2
The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2. (Image credit: Samsung)

Some new pricing details have leaked for the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 and the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 – and it looks as though one of those foldable phones might cost a little more than we were originally expecting.

The prediction comes from @_snoopytech_ on Twitter, who doesn't have the longest track record as a tipster, but has been right about certain products before. They've posted European pricing details for both the Z Fold 3 and the Z Flip 3.

The Galaxy Z Fold 3 is being tipped to come in at €2,009 for the 256GB version and €2,099 for the 512GB. What with local taxes and other factors to consider, Samsung won't use a direct currency conversion, but that works out as roughly $2,385 / £1,715 / AU$3,245 and $2,495 / £1,790 / AU$3,390 respectively.

If those European prices are right – and don't take them as confirmed just yet – the flagship foldable will be slightly pricier than the Galaxy Z Fold 2 was. Previous leaks had put the Z Fold 3 as being significantly cheaper than its predecessor.

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Bang for your buck

As for the Galaxy Z Flip 3, the same source thinks that we're looking at €1,029 for the 128GB model and €1,109 for the 256GB version – at today's rates that's $1,225 / £880 / AU$1,665 and $1,320 / £945 / AU$1,790, though again Samsung will adjust those prices to suit each market.

That's much more affordable, and fits in with what we've heard before about these phones being more competitively priced this time around. If these prices are right, it's the Z Flip 3 that will cost you less, while the Z Fold 3 will stay as a premium option.

Cutting prices means cutting features of course, so it's possible that the Z Flip 3 will feature more modest specs compared with the Z Fold 3 to help it hit a lower price point. Both handsets are expected to offer waterproofing for the first time, which adds to the cost.

We've already seen plenty of leaks and rumors around these two foldable phones, besides the potential pricing: everything from official-looking renders to details of the S Pen stylus expected to be supported by the Fold 3. All will be revealed on August 11, and Samsung should have some other treats in store too.

Analysis: foldable phones will go mainstream, but not yet

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip

The original Samsung Galaxy Z Flip. (Image credit: Future)

Foldable phones are now well established, but the two handsets that Samsung is unveiling on August 11 feel like significant new entries to the market – they could mark the point when the majority of us start considering getting a foldable phone for the first time (bear in mind that the Galaxy Note 21 was canceled this year).

There are two main barriers getting in the way: the price of these phones and their durability. The foldable devices that we've seen so far have been very expensive – understandable, considering their large, bending displays – and that's going to be a key consideration for most people.

Folding screen tech will become more robust and more affordable though – that's just the way that technology works. The foldables that we're seeing appear on the market now are already significantly better than earlier versions, and there's plenty more to come (with Google and Apple waiting in the wings).

If the price is within reach and you know it won't break, why wouldn't you buy a phone that can offer a screen size closer to 8 inches while still fitting in your pocket? We'll be watching carefully to see how well these phones sell in 2021.

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