Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 image leak shows a really useful feature, and a new design flaw

Samsung Galaxy Tab S6
Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 (Image credit: TechRadar)
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The Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 is set to land some time this year, and while we hadn't heard any design rumors until now, a first leak has just come through that shows one great feature and one potentially frustrating one.

Some Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 images have been posted on Twitter by prolific leaker @Onleaks (opens in new tab), for French blog and case manufacturer Pigtou (opens in new tab). These snaps show the front and back of Samsung's upcoming tablet, with even measurements provided too.

In general, the leak shows a tablet that looks a lot like the Samsung Galaxy Tab S6, as it's a big rectangle with a screen on, though the posited dimensions of 253.7 x 165.3 x 6.3mm show it's possibly a small step bigger than its predecessor. There's even a slot for the S Pen stylus, which the Tab S6 had too.

There are two main changes we can see from the image - one of which we're really eager for, and another we're definitely not.

(Image credit: Pigtou)

Samsung Galaxy Tab S7: good and bad

One change the Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 image shows is that the front-facing camera seems to have been shifted to sit above the screen when you're holding the device landscape. In previous Samsung tablets, this camera would sit to the left of the screen in this orientation.

This may seem like a small change, but we've previously argued about how this is actually huge, as it changes how you interact when you're on a video call significantly. If this leak is accurate, the Galaxy Tab S7 might be a great tablet for video calling.

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Now for the bad: the back of the Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 image shows a camera bump that looks pretty huge, as it seems to protrude from the back of the device a fair way. 

It certainly seems bigger than the Tab S6's, and most other tablets we've seen.

A camera bump on a tablet can be a nuisance as it keeps you from placing the device flat on a table without incurring a wobble whenever you try to use it. Even a small bump can have this effect.

Of course, this is a leaked image of the Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 - it might not be correct, or might not show the dimensions and sizes of things with total accuracy, so the good and the bad of this render might not make it in to the final product. We're expecting to see the Samsung tablet alongside the Galaxy Note 20 in early August, so we'll find out for sure then.

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