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Samsung Galaxy S8 Android Oreo update starts rolling out

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Samsung is now pushing out the upgrade to Android 8 Oreo software on both the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus, but you probably won't be able to download it just yet.

Those who were on the beta for the latest software are set to get the upgrade first, and so far we've only seen it released for those testers in Germany.

It's expected to rollout to other markets in the very near future. That may mean beta tests will see it land on their devices in the coming hours and days, but you'll need to have had the beta up and running on your phone a few weeks ago to be first in line in your market.

How about everyone else?

If you weren't part of the beta program, the update will begin rolling out to you a bit later, and an exact time for that is unclear. It's expected to be landing on all devices 24 hours after the beta testers get it in each market.

That said, you may not have it for a little while longer depending on your network or carrier as well as what market you're in.

Want to see if you have the upgrade? You'll need to enter the Settings menu and head to the option called 'Software update'.

From what we've seen of the beta, Oreo will bring a new version of the Samsung UX with design changes as well as improved performance. You'll also get picture-in-picture mode, boosted audio performance and more.

Via SamMobile

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