Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra could have one key visual difference to the S22 Ultra

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra camera array
A Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra (Image credit: Future)

We heard recently that the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra would look very similar to the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra, with almost identical dimensions and some similar specs too. Now, the source of that claim has revealed more design details, which point to both similarities and differences.

According to @UniverseIce – a leaker with a good track record – the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra is “100% confirmed” to have exactly the same camera design as the Galaxy S22 Ultra.

We’d obviously take this with a pinch of salt, but they seem very sure of it, meaning Samsung’s floating lens design might stick around for at least one more generation of phone.

They do note one thing that might change in the design of the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra though, and that’s the shape, with the top and bottom edges – or "fuselage" as they call it – apparently being less curvy on the S23 Ultra.

That could make for a blockier appearance, with a more squared-off look, as you can see below.

But this will apparently be the “biggest difference” visually between the S22 Ultra and the S23 Ultra, so if @UniverseIce is right, these two phones will look extremely similar.

Analysis: keeping the camera design makes sense

Samsung only changed to this camera design with the Galaxy S22 Ultra, so it would make sense to keep it around for at least one more year.

Likewise the rest of the design doesn’t really need overhauling every year, and it was largely new for the S22 Ultra. So it’s both reasonable and believable that little would be changing visually for the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra.

And of course, that doesn’t mean things won’t be changing under the hood. A previous leak from the same source suggested that the battery and screen would remain much the same, but the chipset is sure to be upgraded, and sticking with the same camera design doesn’t mean using the same lenses and sensors, so we could see changes there too, with a 200MP camera having been rumored.

We’ll likely find out for sure in early 2023, as that’s when the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra will probably be unveiled. But whatever the case, we’d be surprised if it didn’t end up ranking among the best Samsung phones.

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