Samsung Galaxy S22 launch officially set for February 9

The Samsung Galaxy S21, the Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus, and the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra smartphones facing away from the camera.
(Image credit: Samsung)

Samsung has officially set its Galaxy Unpacked date for February 9, finally dropping into place the last piece of what everyone believes is the Samsung Galaxy S22 launch puzzle.

The virtual event kicks off at 10am ET / 7am PT / 3pm GMT (or 1am AEST on February 10).

Galaxy Unpacked's date wasn't much of a secret, having leaked some hours ago by legendary fact-digger-upper Evan Blass.

As for what to expect, there will be a flagship phone. When Samsung announced the launch month last week (yep, they have announcements for their announcements), TM Roh, President and Head of Samsung MX, promised in a blog post that "...we’ll introduce you to the most noteworthy S series device we’ve ever created. The next generation of Galaxy S is here, bringing together the greatest experiences of our Samsung Galaxy into one ultimate device."

Most believe the use of the word "noteworthy" isn't accidental and anticipate either a new Galaxy S Note device alongside the S22 or a blending of the Note's S-Pen with the next flagship phone.

Leaks indicate that the event might also feature the new Samsung Galaxy Tab 8 (there are even photos).

Samsung adds almost no fresh information in the latest, brief blog post announcing the official Galaxy Unpacked date. The language, though, promises a lot:

"True innovations don’t just evolve with the world – they help shape it. To create the devices that push us ahead, rewrite the future and bring light to the dark, we must continue to break the rules of what is possible with a smartphone."

The post does repeat the phrase, "the most noteworthy S series ever created."

TechRadar will follow the action live, giving you all the details on what should be the new Samsung Galaxy S22 and the rest of the galaxy of devices we expect Samsung to launch on February 9.

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