Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus could be about to get one of the Galaxy S20 FE's colors

Samsung Galaxy S20 FE
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The Samsung Galaxy S21 smartphones come in a few different colors, but none of the models have the range of options of the Galaxy S20 Fan Edition. However, we could see one of that phone's color options come to the Galaxy S21 Plus soon.

As spotted by LetsGoDigital, a mysterious 'Phantom Green' version of the Galaxy S21 Plus is listed on Samsung's Australian web store, despite that not being one of the official Samsung Galaxy S21 colors you can order the phone in.

We don't know exactly what this shade will look like, though LetsGoDigital did create a render showing its best guess. From this image, it looks very similar to the Galaxy S20 Fan Edition's color, which is a mintish green.

If the LetsGoDigital version is accurate, 'Phantom Green' is arguably more vibrant-looking than some of the other Galaxy S21 hues, and those who've found the current colors – mostly a fairly typical selection of black, white, silver and pastel tones – a bit dull might find it more appealing.

When can you buy this Galaxy S21 Plus?

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If this Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus version isn't actually available to buy, we'd normally be quick to assume it's a version the company ditched prior to launch, but the fact that it's slated as a Samsung store exclusive gives us pause. Why would such detailed availability information be provided if the phone wasn't on sale?

It's possible this version of the phone will come later, perhaps to commemorate a certain event or date. Even then, we've no idea if it'll stay exclusive to Australia or not.

If this version of the Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus comes out we'll be sure to let you know – but until then you're stuck with the color selection already announced.

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