Samsung Galaxy Buds deals are sinking prices across the range this week

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Samsung Galaxy Buds deals are springing up across the world this week7 as the newer Buds Pro settle into the shelves. That means you can save plenty of cash on these powerful true wireless earbuds in both the US and UK right now. 

The best Samsung Galaxy Buds deals, however, are to be found on the Buds+. We're seeing some excellent prices up for grabs right now, with Amazon dropping the second generation model down to $109.99 (was $149.99) in the US and £93 (was £159) in the UK. If you're after something a little cheaper in the US, however, it should also be pointed out that the original (and still excellent) Samsung Galaxy Buds are down to a record low $59.99 at Best Buy (was $129.99)

So why go for the second generation when there are so many Samsung Galaxy Buds sales available right now? In our testing these buds have produced the clearest sound profile with the best realism and most faithful recreation of your tunes. Plus, you're getting a longer battery life with this model and still picking up that traditional design that manages to seal in plenty of noise isolation as well. 

You'll find all these Samsung Galaxy Buds deals just below, with more prices from around the world further down the page. 

Samsung Galaxy Buds deals in the US


Samsung Galaxy Buds: $129.99 $59.99 at Best Buy
The original Samsung Galaxy Buds have tumbled down to just $59.99 at Best Buy this week. If you're after a pair of cheap true wireless earbuds this is a go-to offer not to be missed, as you're still getting excellent sound quality even though we're a few generations along now.


Samsung Galaxy Buds+: $149.99 $109.99 at Amazon
The Samsung Galaxy Buds+ are still offering a fairly premium price considering they're two generations behind now. However, they do offer that standard design, a better battery life and more faithful sound recreation than the Buds Live. That design also means the Buds+ offer a more constant sound isolation as well.


Samsung Galaxy Buds Live: $169.99 $139.99 at Amazon
The Samsung Galaxy Buds Live have seen this discount for a few weeks now, but if you don't want to get close to $200 this $139.99 price tag is an excellent offer for the previous generation. You're picking up that controversial bean design here, but excellent microphone pickup and a strong audio quality nonetheless.

Samsung Galaxy Buds deals in the UK


Samsung Galaxy Buds: £119 £89 at Currys
Over in the UK, the Samsung Galaxy Buds don't offer as strong a discount as in the US. However, if you're looking to spend as little as possible and still pick up that excellent bass of the originals this is a great offer from Currys.


Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus: £159 £93 at Amazon
The Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus are dropping down below £100 at Amazon. That's a fantastic offer on the light blue model, but other colour variations will see you edge slightly over that £100 mark. That's still an excellent price for, arguably, the best Samsung true wireless earbuds around. With a stronger sound profile than the Buds Live, better battery life, and a design that lends itself to better noise isolation you're getting a great deal here.


Samsung Galaxy Buds Live: £179 £104 at Amazon
Chitter Chatter has consistently had the best price on the Samsung Galaxy Buds Live in the UK, however Amazon has just dropped that price by a little more to reach this £104 mark on the white model. The black version is still available for £109.99 as well.

More Samsung Galaxy Buds deals

We're rounding up all the best true wireless earbuds right here on TechRadar, but you'll also find plenty of wireless headphone deals available right now. If you're curious about what Apple has to offer, though, you'll find all the latest cheap AirPods prices and AirPods Pro deals on sale as well. 

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