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Roku's Black Friday deals include an $18 player and a 40-inch Full HD TV for $98

(Image credit: Roku)

Roku has announced its upcoming Black Friday deals that will include a substantial discount to its entire family of players – the return of the Roku SE at just $18 and a new series of Roku TVs made exclusively for Walmart.

According to information sent to TechRadar, we’re looking at a $20 discount to the Roku Streaming Stick+ ($29.99 on Black Friday); a $50 discount to the Roku Ultra ($49.99) and a $30 discount to the Roku Smart Soundbar ($149.99). 

The biggest steal, however, is on the Roku SE, which will be available for a deal-busting $18 in stores and online starting on November 28 until supplies run out.  

The caveat here is that the Roku SE is HD-only, meaning you’ll need to upgrade to the Roku Streaming Stick+ or Roku Ultra if you want to see shows and movies in native 4K. For most folks that’s probably not a deal-breaker as many of us still have a second or third TV that's only capable of outputting 1080p, but it’s something to keep in mind before you buy one.

Walmart also has some of the best Roku TV sales, too 

One reason why Walmart is getting special treatment from Roku this holiday season is because the pair are working together to produce the Onn Roku Soundbar, a budget version of the Roku Smart Soundbar sold at other retailers. 

For Black Friday, however, the pair will take it one step further by introducing the Onn Roku TV that starts at just $98. 

The Onn Roku TV will be available in three sizes: a 40-inch Full HD model for $98, a 50-inch 4K model that’s $149 and a 58-inch 4K model that’s $198. 

It’s not clear, exactly, who’s producing these panels that Walmart can sell them at such a low price, but information sent to us by Roku says they will have all of the same functions of other Roku TVs including access to all the Roku apps, Roku app support and will come with a Roku remote.

Sure, none of these new TVs will probably hold a candle to the excellent new TCL 6-Series QLED that can play 4K HDR / Dolby Vision content, but at under $100 for a 40-inch TV you can’t complain too much.